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Greetings,  friends of the " higher order"    Now for the first time ever, Zoltar
and Xandar have successfully started the aquabeing resonator generator
project. Through a series of under water meditation exercises, aquabeings
were sensed.  With the help  form 0bog won,  Xandar and I were able to start
communicating with these aquaticbeings  by way of the aquabeing resonator
generator project.  Thanks O G Bog won.  Through countless meditation
mind trances, Zoltar, is pleased to encounter aquabeings enjoying the
pyramid for aquatation aquasation. They are there, I took a pic of them.  "you
got to be in just the right spot to really see them, or else they are just purt
nere invisible. They sure got my attention, and further communication is sure
to happen.
Wow, if I look straight down, it looks like
something is down there. No hands either,
something mjust be going right.
"GOOD NIGHT, is that for real"  You really got
to try this.
dont try this at home. We are skilled at the
craft and know what we are not doing.  This
is going to be a great project, keep the
pyramid city going.  
Here comes Xandar now to help calibrate the
resonator to the right resonance frequency.  .

I sure hope the Octopus behind me enjoys
the resonator.
Greetings, once
again. From the
Island of Manu'a,
Zoltar and Qiznotus
practice the lost art
to Zer-o-X
MeDitation. One can
see how Xandar,
whilst preforming
the art, suddenly
has a burst of
realization, and
moves on to help
with the resonance
These Pyramids are made using the
Pyramid connectors underwater. We set up
several large Pyramids and all manner of
aquatic beings were fascinated with the
pyramids. Xandar even said that it was
amazing. Shortly after the pyramid
endeavour a rainbow appeared directly
over the spot the pyramids were set up.
Good luck with the teaching Xandar and
thanks for all your help.  
Xandar is form X-2x very little is known of
this advanced race. He is very wise and I
have observed his superior mind contorl
first hand. Thanks for your help XaNdAR
Update.  Sorry to say the Octopus
lady lost her big toe. This is a great
loss as this big toe was used as a
lure of sorts to help catch the
Octopus. Hay, just eat the
peiseupo. We love  and miss you
Octopus Lady
Zoltar whilst preforming levitation.