Below is a ten foot base Pyramid. In the middle is a Pyramindamexiplex
and takes on many different forms, one might say it has a peculiarity of
dimensions. The orange angle on the lower right, shows that each face,
falls to 51 plus or minus one deg. The same as the Giza Pyramids. This
Pyramid stands at six feet and is great for meditation and all manner of
mind and body contemplation.
I know what your thinking,
that pyramid sure looks
about the same size as the
one karzan is sitting under
below? Well  it is twice the
size. it has a tenfoot base
and the one Karzan is
meditating under is a 5ft base
Greetings From:
Young Karzan in a deep
meditation. Bringing
peace to the untamed
Island 0 Lepothives..