Go ahead and unlock the
power of the Pyramid
The Pyramid Texts are a collection of ancient
Egyptian religious texts from the time of Old, mostly
inscriptions on the walls of tombs in pyramids. They
depict the Egyptian view of the afterlife, and the
ascent into the sky of the divine Pharaoh after death.
They were written upwards of five thousand years
ago; thus, they are some of the oldest known
writings in the world.

The Pyramid Texts are also the oldest collection of
religious spells known to us from ancient Egypt. This
collection forms the basis of much of the later
religious theology and literature of ancient Egypt.
The passages were eventually separated and
categorized, as well as illustrated and eventually
evolved into the Book of the Dead, or more
properly, The Book of the Coming forth by Day.
Each Pyramid Text 210
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The Pyramid Text are on solid
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egyptian scroll plaque hand made pyramid text protection spell saying
egyptian scroll plaque hand made pyramid text protection spell saying
                                Baba Babi said:

It calls upon Ra and Thoth to take the seeker
with Them, and permit him or her to partake of
the opulences of the gods.  It should help
someone seeking instruction, protection, and
favor to declare his or her intentions to the
guardians of the astral corridors.  The text is
found in several of the pyramids containing
such texts, but this tablet names the baboon
deity Babi, the "first born son of Osiris" as
intercessor.  This is intended as a gesture of
humility, as Babi was not one of the more
esteemed deities, but functioned as a timely
supporter of Horus and Maat.  It is written on
Blessings and Love

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