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Greetings,  Now , I will be creating a series
of super light weight MOBILES.  These
mobiles will be constructed out of various
types of veneer. I have been experimenting
for several months and have developed the
design above. These mobiles move in the
lightest of breezes. Even a tea candle
across the room makes it turn more. You
wont believe the shapes and patterns the
design and the markings on the wood make.
I  hand finish some and do absolutely
nothing to others.
I try to incorporate as much of the woods
natural beauty as possible.  
These are serious custom Mobile. I will be
making more of this series in the next few
days.  This is only a preview of the mobiles
which will be for sale. Please let me know if
you are interested in obtaining a series of
your own.             peace  

Intramotion.    Sold
Another custom.   \
Walnut Burl with some curly.
modern mobile hanging mobile hand made delightful mobile
Here we have the eYe oF sAtUrn.
And always on the move. DD said he is going to see if he can see the eys
stop moving. He says hes always up so he' ll keep an eye on it. This mobile is
made of Rosewood and lacewood.
I have a few similar Mobiles and will be up for sale in the next few days.
hanging office modern meditation zen mobile
oak polished alive modern hanging mobila new age office mobile
modern zen office hand made gift saturn mobile
vintage modern advanced office
Greetings,  the most advanced
mobiles are now available to
you. They are such a pleasure
to look at you will be amazed.  
Special orders only.  $59.00
delivered to your door.