meditation in ten foot base copper pyramid using the pyramid connectors, Zantu.
pyramid connectors
completed pyramid using the pyramid connectors.
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ten foot base copper pyramid using the pyramid connectors.
You will only be getting the  Pyramid Connectors. They are solid 5/8 or 1/2 inch welded steel.
By providing high quality all hand made, solid steel, Pyramid Connectors,
saves on shipping. You simply buy the size tubing you desire at the hardware store.     
The 5/8 connectors match up with 3/4 inch tubing. And the 1/2 inch connectors match up
                                                                                      with 1/2 inch tubing.
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5/8 large size fits 3/4
tubing. So EZ
USA Only....  

I will ship world wide.

Canada shipping is +40$

Rest of the world.+ $55     
Here is a wise Bedouin boy (Zamtu) conducting ming mind trances.
Young Saturn boy   says " I need my mind high before school"  it
does the mind and body good.  Zamtu frequents the Pyramid.  "look
ma no hands."   update..... Thanks to the pyramid, Zamtu has done
the best in his earth based class. Good job,  
These incredible
Pyramid connectors
allow you to
construct a pyramid
up to about a
twenty foot base.
I have made an all
Pyramid with a ten
foot base, pictured
The results are

I only sell the
you buy the
copper tubing
Here is an Earth based Super Pyramid.  This all Copper Pyramid has a 10 foot base
and stands just over six feet.  You will be able to make practically any size Pyramid,  
form two a two foot base up to about a ten foot base or larger.
This size is great for all manner of activities.  Great for setting up a bed inside. You make your own size.
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When one is skilled
in the art of mind
control, the mind
and body become
one. Zamtu once
said, " I love that "

He especially loves
ice cream. He said,
" its practically like a

You to will be able to
build your own super
meditation Pyramid
with these
Pyramid connector
Below is the connectors and
the tubing to make a three foot
base Pyramid.
You make it happen.
This is it.
Simply slide the
tubing over the
The connectors are painted gold in this photo to show the connector and the
ease of which to use.  Yes, they just slide into the tubing, thats it.
When I send them out they are painted copper.  Everyone loves pyramid
structures and come form all around to " check it out ".   I frequently
establish a Pyramid base on earth and all manner of creatures are attracted
to its mystique.  Feel the power.
Please remember, you
are only buying the
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Welcome,  Here they are , "The" Pyramid Connectors.  After buying the pyramid connectors, one
can obtain the copper, PVC, EMT, or whatever tubing one whats to make the pyramid. You simply
get it at the local hardware store. Thus, saving you lots of money.  And they are 'oh so  ez to use.
Just slide the tubing over the connectors. The connectors are 52 deg angled to those of the great
Giza Pyramid.
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This is just a sample of how ez the
connectors are to use. You will only
be getting the connectors.
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Thanks for looking, I provide all the help and
measurements need to sent up any size pyramid
feasible. The smallest is about two foot base
pyramid and the tallest is about a twenty foot base
pyramid and if you do make a twenty footer,  
Greetings from the mother ship.  Pyramid Connectors are now
available in your part of the Galaxy. You dont want to miss out on
any mind high. Build you own super size meditation Pyramid with
"THE Pyramid Connectors"  Check out the updates. Updates here
Greetings, earth based inhabitants. Here is the secret formula de
constructed thanks to the fabulous Zoltar.  It is super eZ  Just put in
the base number. Here is an ezample
in this case the base is 8
Base    Divide it by 1.5708 = height(H)  X 1.4945 gives the side.  
thats it.

8       8(B) divide by  1.5708   = 5.09 (H)    X  1.4945 =     7.60 Side

Put in the base and work form there.  Now you can build many size
pyramids for different tasks and purposes.
Thanks, Zoltar
Special Special Special Now
1/2 inch size  to fit 1/2 inch tubing.    
only  $55 earth dollars. Only $10 shipping (USA)
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UPDATE:  6/20/19
Order yours now.
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make it.  thanks. Zoltar
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Pyramid Connectors. For Only
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