This is the Pyramid Group.
Consisting of
one 6inch and one 9inch all copper
Both all hand made all Copper Pyramids
$32.00 Plus $12 Priority shipping for USA.

Everywhere else in the world Please
inquire. Thanks
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16 inch base solid Copper Pyramid.
All hand made,3/16 in, pure copper,
all Solid Welded.
Only $ 120.00
Shipping is $30 to your door.  USA only.
Get yours while I am making them
NOW.  Thanks.
will ship ww please ask.   
(1)     9 INCH BASE  (above)
Solid and pure Copper Pyramid.
Only $ 22.00 Plus $10 shipping (usa)
Now Ready to go.
Thank you for your
interest. If you would
to contact me
directly send me an
email, at
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To the left is a nice
larger size pyramid.
It is all hand made
and all copper. You
wont find another at
this price and
quality anywhere
else. Thanks for
your consideration
Below are some extra
pics of Pyramids.
Here is the Pyradamaxius
it is a design form the
x23W-11 STAR cluster.
Now you can have one in
you lair. Just buy four
pyramids and the 5th will
be half off.
Can you see the v star?
only $105.00 for the five.
Shipping is still only $14
in the USA for the five of

Will ship to your part of
the world. Contact me   
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"The Pyramid Vortex Generator"
These are very
interesting and
All custom made,
pure 1/8 in copper.
Only $39 usd plus
$15.00 shipping.
USA only.
All pyramids are made to the coveted
52deg angle.  That is, each face
falls 52deg to the center.  The vortex
generator is great to place over the bed
or in any room to charge it. One form
the degeba system suggested that it
might act as a culminator of sorts.
Zamtu, said " it kind of gives you the
feeling of when you find a lots om
Wow, :You got to try it.   
pyramid power,
energy,  get
yours now.
Order yours now
I do ship all over the world.
Out of the USA is more
than $14 Please email me
and I will let you know the
shipping price. Thanks
update 06/19/18  

Now taking orders and have pay links
Greetings form the Mother Ship. I will
be going on a retreat to My home
Planet to listen to Sun Ra. I will be
returning in two weeks to make
Pyramids. Thanks, Zoltar